Who Is Behind PoleSmart?

Doozy (@doozypoledance) was adopted into the pole community by her pole mommy, Curvy, 3.5 years ago, and Curvy’s had a headache ever since! Doozy immediately fell in love with the pole world and everyone in it. The support from her pole family helped her rehabilitate after losing mobility to a degenerative nerve disorder and is one of her biggest sources of strength and motivation. After attending PoleCon for the first time in 2016, Doozy was overcome with inspiration to give back to polers everywhere. Since Curvy and every other instructor had told Doozy over and over that pole and skin care did not go together, and because Doozy never listens to anything Curvy tells her to do, Doozy poured her passion and curiosity into designing a moisturizer for pole dancers. She hopes that this can create comfort for all aerialists, as well as make this community more accessible for people like her who struggle with skin conditions and have a vendetta against gravity.

Curvydva AKA Curvy (@curvydva) is a 10 year veteran of the pole community. After watching an episode of King of Queens where Kevin James made pole dancing look fun, easy and SEXY, she decided to give it a try and never looked back! In 2010, she began teaching while being laid off from her day job as a graphic and web designer and discovered her love of pushing others to their breaking point encouraging others to exceed their own expectations, through movement both on and off the pole. Over the years, she often found herself screaming saying the same things over and over to her students and began to think it was best if she just wrote them on a shirt; this was the genesis of Fleur Wurk. After kicking around a few ideas and combining her love for pole, design and fashion, Curvy decided to join forces with her most petulant, defiant and uncooperative pole baby Doozy to bring aerialists all of the dope shirts, hats, accessories and grip aids you see on this site.



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